Directions for Online Registration and Payment

You can print out these directions (with screenshots) by clicking here


  1. To register online, click this link: NAASLN Membership Registration Form (this will open in a new tab so you will still have access to these directions). The Membership Form includes your contact information; and if you are registering for an Organization Membership, a list of your organization members’ names and email addresses. When you have filled out the form, click the Submit button. You will be taken to a Confirmation message that confirms receipt of your membership information.

  2. The Confirmation page includes a hyperlink to NAASLN Shop Online, where you can complete the payment process. You can also click here to go to NAASLN Shop Online to submit your payment.

  3. NAASLN Shop Online: Once you are on the NAASLN Shop Online website, select the membership option you want by clicking on the Add to Cart button below the description of the membership type you wish to purchase.invoice_image_step2

  4. Your Shopping Cart: On the next screen, review your order and edit as needed. Once satisfied with your order, click on the Checkout button.invoice_instructions_step3

  5. Check out: Fill in your Billing Address Information and click on the Continue button. Notice that fields that have a small red asterisk are required. Also you must enter your phone number in the following format (xxx) xxx-xxxx.invoice_instructions_step4

  6. Payment: Once you have completed you billing information click on the Next button.invoice_instructions_step5

  7. The next screen will say “Please complete your payment.” If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see where you can print the invoice for your order. To make you payment, click on the Place Order button.Invoice_instructions_step6

  8. On the next screen you will choose how you wish to pay. You can pay with your PayPal account or if you wish to pay by debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit, look for that option on the lower right side of the screen.instructions_step8

  9. Once you have filled in your payment information click on the Pay button. You will receive a confirmation email.instructions_step9

 For registration or payment questions or concerns please contact